The Story

Mimi Tin is a designer, inventor and entrepreneur who has been creating since the first day she picked up a pencil and a pair of scissors. From the earliest age, Mimi was no stranger to pushing the design limits to realize her visions.

Born in Burma during the rule of a military dictator, Mimi and her family immigrated to the U.S. in search of freedom, and she also found the freedom to use her imagination. As a young child, she was not afforded the luxury of manufactured toys, so she began to transform ordinary paper towel rolls into dolls and dresses and cardboard boxes into buildings and cities. Mimi's creativity was boundless, and her artistic abilities were noted and nurtured throughout her school years.

Mimi was granted a Fine Arts Scholarship to Carson-Newman University in Tennessee, and she went on to pursue a Graduate degree in Environmental Graphic Design at Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center in Atlanta.

As a Graphic Designer, Mimi has worked in all areas from Brand Identity creation to implementation. Her client roster is impressive and has included work with Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Samsung, Sony, Chick fil-A, SPANX, Johnson & Johnson, and Olympic Games across three continents.

Mimi returned to the Portfolio Center to share her experience and love for design, and taught Olympic Branding and Retail Branding classes for over 15 years. She created the 3D modeling curriculum at the school, and many of her students have gone on to become internationally awarded Designers and Creative Directors.  

Mimi developed two flourishing startups with the mission to bring "Humor, Joy & Laughter" into everyday life. Sushi Style is a whimsical, modern Collection of Furniture and Home Accessories, and The BeLOVED Life is a Collection of inspirational plush pillows designed to help kids feel valued, safe, and loved.

Mimi’s designs have been featured in outlets ranging from Today Show to Seventeen Magazine, from Architectural Digest to HGTV, who featured her award winning Trilith home.  She was named “Young Designer on a Roll” by The New York Times.

“With God, all things are Possible” ~ Matthew 19:26